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Echo tree service was established in 1987. The commercial part of the business began in 1997, after undergoing out of province training and gaining certifications in utility arboriculture. We began contracting for Manitoba Hydro in the winter months.

In 2010 we purchased Woodland tree service, a long-running company with an excellent reputation for quality work. We worked together with the owners and incorporated many of their practices and principles that made them successful.

Fast forward to today. We have 5 full-time arborists, all with their own unique skill sets. We do everything from shearing hedges to pruning majestic trees. We have a wide range of equipment, to make any task possible, from spraying BTK to control cankerworms in old-growth trees to craning a fallen tree off a house.

As well as commercial utility trimming, Echo also performs large scale Municipal tree pruning and diseased tree removals.

Contact Information:

Bryan Mulligan, President

Ph: 204-775-3246

Fax: 204-775-2935

8791 Wilkes Avenue

Winnipeg, MB  R4H 1B8

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